ASIA TECNA Intralogistics Ltd.

ASIA TECNA Intralogistics Ltd.

Tecna will attend Automotive Meetings Queretaro 2015

Tecna in Mexico:

Tecnacar has recently established a new facility in Mexico to market its range of Electric Industrial Tow Tractors, providing the automotive industry in Mexico with the advanced technology that has been already successfully implemented in most European producers. The new company, TECNACAR DE MEXICO SA de CV is based in Salamanca and Aguascalientes, and is now expanding his dealers network to the whole Mexican territory.

Automotive Industry:

The automotive sector in Mexico has been driven by the productive presence of the top ten vehicle assembly companies in the world, such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. New plants will open in 2013-2015 as production expands, with the number of vehicles produced doubling to 3-million vehicles by 2015's end, from 2009 levels.

Mexico's automotive industry is mature, dynamic and in continuous growth. In 2011, Mexico’s Automotive industry showed clear signs of recovery; light vehicle production reached a new historical record with 2.55 million vehicles. At a global level, Mexico ranked as eighth producer of light vehicles. In two years, Mexico climbed two positions, surpassing French and Spanish production. Most of the assembly companies in Mexico have auto parts companies located around their vehicle plants to comply with supply and delivery deadlines.

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