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ASIA TECNA Intralogistics Ltd.


  • Way to Improve Efficiency at your plant

    Way to Improve Efficiency at your plant

    Tecnacar patented tow tractor has developed until now a range-3 to 40 Tons. With factory direct & fast shipping....

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  • Happy Halloween.

    Happy Halloween.

    Happy Halloween....

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  • AGV


    Tecna Tow Tractor / Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Full line of automatic guided vehicles is for towing trailers and the supply of assembly lines. They are the most suitable product to synchronize logistics supply and production processes....

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  • Happy mid-Autumn Festival.

    Happy mid-Autumn Festival.

  • Incomparable Comforts.

    Incomparable Comforts.

    Our electric tow tractors have extremely high dynamic response driven by asynchronous high-power motors. Moreover, under the optimization of the tractor's body construction, suspension seat and great vision cabin, Tecna tractors bring you all incomparable comforts....

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  • Ways to improve efficiency.

    Ways to improve efficiency.

    Our trailers are particularly impressive when towing and handling cargo indoors and outdoors....

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  • Safety = Tecnacar.

    Safety = Tecnacar.

    The Tecnacar Automatic Collapsible System ACS®, automatically reduce speed when cornering, to keep always driving in safe conditions....

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  • Industrial Intralogistics:Tecnacar answers all.

    Industrial Intralogistics:Tecnacar answers all.

    Our multifunctional VTA 307-310 is an economical tow trac­tor solution for longer operations and an ideal for towing of hea­vier trailers. Tractor is particularly impressive when use in production supply in indoor and outdoor material handling as a tugger train....

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  • Caring like a Father

    Caring like a Father

    TECNACAR includes its TGW two-way online telemetry system on all VTA electric tractors. Through the GPS software update, you can use the latest software version of the factory to monitor and optimize the entire fleet at the same time....

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    Due to current situation, we regret to inform you that the TECNACAR's hometown (Pamplona) has officially announced the suspension of the San Fermin festival in July 2020....

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