ASIA TECNA Intralogistics Ltd.

ASIA TECNA Intralogistics Ltd.

Tecnacar includes its TGW bidirectional online telemetry system on all the VTA electric tow tractors

Parameter changes remotely:

This most advanced technology allows to manage easily from a computer a fleet of machines, as the fleet is permanently connected with the on-line information. We may receive or send all the necessary information which makes it possible to change parameters without any travel time and costs.

Historical work:

The system allows to read all the data for each machine, and therefore analyzing the information in real time. We may consult the historical data stocked in the memory of the system. All failures or parameters are registered and kept in a database and can be read whenever needed for requested analysis.

Software updates:

The possibility of acting telematically on the control board of the machine is a major advantage. We therefore can modify and update all parameters and software. With this system is possible to optimize the efficiency and safety of the machine using the latest version of software issued by the factory. These new parameters are always done under full safety, avoiding any accident and keeping all the control of the machine.

The software updating allows the whole fleet to be simultaneously monitored and optimized with the latest software version from factory.

Custom reports for each client:

The program allows reporting of data from machines such as historical drivers, hours of work, hours of attendance, time machine utilization, incidents, bumps, damage, battery usage (Changes, discharges, use times), engine performance, inverters, etc.

The information is available in text mode and graphics for better management.

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