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AGV TECNA CM1200/3000

  • AGV TECNA CM1200/3000
  • AGV TECNA CM1200/3000
  • AGV TECNA CM1200/3000
  • AGV TECNA CM1200/3000

Product Item: AGV TECNA CM1200/3000
Category: AGV CM1200/3000
- Two-way tunnel directional AGV mainly used in confined spaces, the AGV is worked under the trolley, and uses the tow bar to automatically lift-up and down, hook or drop the trolley, and to
reciprocate in a single aisle.
- They are widely used in many industries such as automobiles, home appliances, electronics, and electrical appliances.
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Model: CM-1200

Maximum load: 1200 Kg.

Approximate weight: 100 Kg (battery excluded)

Chassis: Monocoque steel / Tubular (optional)

Tension: DC24V

Guiding system: Magnetic / Optical (Optional)

Traction: Differential

Electric steering: 355º

Direction: 2WD

Maximum speed: Configurable from 1.7 to 50 m/min

Minimum turning radius: 600 mm.

Battery: 24V options for autonomy of 20 to 30 hours

Charger: Automatic

Length: 1355 mm.

Width: 420 mm.

Height: 250 mm.

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